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ITG 2 - R21

In case you don't know, R21 is the patch that allows ITG 2 to use custom songs that you put on your USB card

A few thoughts for discussion...

Is R21 a good thing for ITG?

What are your, say, 3 favourite R21 charts?

What songs would you like to see better (or any) stepcharts for?
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The Beauty of Silence would have been a better music choice. :P

R21 is the only thing that kept some people interested in ITG during the whole "KONAMI WILL AQUIRE" phase of the product, and actually got them back into playing the actual ITG2 songs too. Definitely a good thing, though the hacking that has come out of it has some negative connotations.

Asking your favorite R21 charts is like asking what your favorite Stepmania song is. :P
The reason I play ITG these days is because of r21. I feel that it was a good thing personally though at one point I was sure it was going to have some legal rammifications behind it...

Too many charts worth mentioning for r21, hahaha. I love r21!